Vancouver Fraser Port Authority | TCZ-1 current sensor and shed installation

November 18, 2021

Project status
Permit issued

On January 24, 2022,  a project permit was issued to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Marine Operations department to install a tidal current sensor system in Burrard Inlet, at First Narrows, in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia. The project is on federal lands and waters managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

The project was approved subject to 36 permit conditions that the permit holder must meet to ensure the project does not result in significant adverse environmental effects.

Construction is anticipated to begin shortly after permit issuance and take approximately two months.

About the project

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Marine Operations department is proposing to install a tidal current sensor system in Burrard Inlet, to enable the collection of real-time current data at First Narrows. The project consists of the installation of two, 15 metre long, 30 inch piles attached with 2 ADCP’s (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler), approximately 25 metres south west of Calamity light. There will also be the installation of a prefabricated data collection and equipment shed at the south west corner of Pembina Vancouver Wharves Terminal.

The project includes approximately 180 metres of cabling from the piles to the equipment shed. Approximately 85 metres of cabling will be located underwater and laid on the sea floor surface from the piles to Calamity Light, while the remaining 95 metres of cabling will be located above water, along the beach and dock and within the terminal lease boundary. Approximately 30 metres of excavation with a depth of 0.6 metres will be required to accommodate two trenches for the cabling within the lease boundary.

The piles are proposed to be installed using a vibratory hammer from a marine derrick, which is not expected to exceed recommended noise level guidelines for marine mammals. A bubble curtain would be deployed to defuse shock waves. The shed (1.8 x 1.2 metres in size) would be lifted by crane truck from Squamish Nation Reserve 5, over the fence and on to the south west corner of the terminal.

As part of the Project and Environmental Review for the proposed project under the Impact Assessment Act, the proposed project was posted on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry with an opportunity for public comment between November 17 to December 16, 2021.

Contact information
For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review of the proposed project, or to get in touch with our team, please contact us by email or phone at 604.665.9047.

Please note, when receiving public feedback as part of the PER process, the port authority may collect your personal information, i.e., your name, contact information and personal views and opinions, to inform the PER process for a proposed project. Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties, such as our tenants, in order for them to respond directly to you or help inform our response. You are entitled to submit a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner office here.