Subtidal Cobble Replacement

February 6, 2020

Project Status
Permit issued

In February 2020, a project permit was issued to Seaspan ULC. (the Applicant), to replace subtidal cobble in Burrard Inlet adjacent to their facility located in North Vancouver, British Columbia on federal lands managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

The project was approved subject to 30 permit conditions that Seaspan ULC. must meet to ensure the project does not result in significant adverse environmental effects.

About the project

The cobble substrate was scoured by vessel activity and replacement of the cobble will reinstate habitat conditions and promote kelp growth at the site. The cobble placement area (approximately 870 square meters) is on the subtidal slope of the eastern edge of the shipyard. The cobble placement is proposed to be completed by barge fitted with a telebelt (conveyor) to place the cobble on the seabed. This method allows the operator to control the speed and distribute the cobble evenly across the area. The telebelt will be configured so that the cobble is released as close to the seabed as possible. The targeted coverage will be 75 percent to allow spacing between cobbles to allow for kelp growth and refuge areas for fish. The project is anticipated to take one day to complete and will take place during the fisheries least risk window for Burrard Inlet.

Contact information

For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review of the proposed project, please contact Lisa McCuaig, Environmental Specialist, by email or phone at 604.665.9527.