Schnitzer Steel Canada Ltd. | Schnitzer pile installation to support cameras and water cannons

April 18, 2020

Project status
Permit amendment issued

In April 2022, amendment PER No. 18-196-03 was issued to Schnitzer Steel Canada Ltd. The amendment approved the extension of the expiry date of PER No. 18-196-02, located at 12301 Musqueam Drive, Surrey, BC, until April 30, 2023.

About the amendment:
Materials shipments were delayed due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on international trade and the global supply chains, therefore delaying fabrication of the fire suppression tower and affecting the anticipated completion date of December 31, 2021. The amendment provides additional time for the permitted works to be completed. The scope of the works remains unchanged.

In May 2021, a project amendment (18-196-02) was issued to Schnitzer Steel Canada Ltd., to extend the validity period of the approved Schnitzer Fire Suppression System (PER No. 18-196-01), located at 12301 Musqueam Drive, Surrey, BC, until December 31, 2021.

In June, 2020, a project amendment (18-196-01) was issued to  Schnitzer Steel Canada Ltd. (the Applicant), to revise the design of the fire suppression system for the Schnitzer metal recycling facility.

Original project permit: No. 18-196.
Project permit amendment: No. 18-196-01
Amendment letter: 18-196-01.

About the Project

The revised project design proposes two pile pier structures to support monitoring towers, two fifteen-metre towers, with fire monitors, lighting, and misting stations, and ancillary access infrastructure. The fire suppression system will be connected to the municipal water supply which will be supported by the installation of a 350,000 gallon (1,300,000 litre) water tank on a concrete foundation and construction of a new valve tie-in and pump house building on the concrete foundation.

Contact information

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