RDM Enterprises Ltd. | Demolition of Office Building and Parking Canopies

October 16, 2020

Project status

Permit issued

In November 2020, a project permit was issued to RDM Enterprises Ltd. (the Applicant) to demolish a two-storey office building and two parking canopies at their facility, located at 10897 Timberland Road in Surrey, on federal lands managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

The project was approved subject to 31 conditions the Applicant must meet to ensure the project does not result in significant adverse environmental effects.

Works are scheduled to take place in January 2021.

About the project

RDM Enterprises Ltd. are proposing to demolish a two-storey 2,660 square foot (~250 square metres) office building and two parking canopies with footprints of approximately 16,150 square feet (~1500 square metres) and 8,600 square feet (~800 square metres) at their facility at 10897 Timberland Road in Surrey BC. The structures will be removed by way of contents removal, possible hazardous products and materials removal and subsequent mechanical demolition for removal off site. The existing slab and foundation are to remain. The works are anticipated to take approximately one month to complete.

Contact information

For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review of the project, please contact Noel Allison, Planner, by email or phone at 604.665.9382.