Pacific Coast Terminals | Potash Handling Facility Project

May 21, 2015

Project status

Permit issued

On March 12, 2015, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority issued a project permit (PP 2014-96) to Pacific Coast Terminals (PCT) for a Potash Handling Facility at its existing terminal. PCT’s facilities are under lease with the port authority, and are located in Port Moody, British Columbia. The project permit, including conditions, is available below.

About the project

PCT’s proposal included a new railcar unloading facility with a railcar indexer and dust collection systems, covered and/or completely enclosed conveyors with transfer point dust collection systems, a potash storage shed, rail track modifications in the PCT yard, and foreshore extension for additional rail trackage between PCT and the Reed Point Marina area to the west, shiploader modifications, and habitat compensation sites near the terminal.

The potash handling facility would result in rail deliveries of 177 car unit trains, approximately one train every three days. At an assumed vessel size of 50,000 metric tonnes, the proposed project would result in 44 additional vessel calls to the terminal per year.

Specific construction activities included:

  • new railcar bottom dumper building, including below ground dumper vault, indexer and two dedicated high efficiency baghouses for dust control
  • new conveyor network beginning at the railcar bottom dumper tunnels to the proposed potash storage building. Dust will be controlled by new conveyor transfer point baghouses. Additionally, conveyors will either be covered or fully enclosed (i.e. within a tube). The existing shiploading conveyor currently used for sulphur from the proposed building to Berth Two will also be covered
  • new fully enclosed 160,000 metric tonnes potash storage steel/wood building (264 m long, 83 m wide and 34 m high at the peak), with two new automated stacker/reclaimers and a two way belt system for commodity handling inside the building. Rip rap will be installed along the foreshore, and column pile reinforcement undertaken to densify the soil to provide lateral and seismic support for the building
  • water treatment upgrades including isolated drainage systems separating potash from sulphur storm and process water, and installation of a new settling and aeration basin and a water storage tank system
  • rail track re-alignment in the main yard, and additional trackage extending west to Reed Point Marina
  • modification to the existing Berth Two quadrant shiploader with three new chutes and chute support towers. Two new baghouses for dust control on the shiploader, the transfer conveyor, and the spout
  • installing two new substations that provide additional electrical power drawn from BC Hydro grid for the potash handling system
  • two new marine habitat compensation areas, to the east and west of the terminal to address anticipated impacts to the shoreline from the proposed rail track extension


January 2017 – Approval letter for PCT’s extended hours of work for project construction [PDF]
May 2016 – Approval letter for PCT’s extended hours of work for construction of railcar unloading facility [PDF]
January 2016 – Approval letter for PCT’s extended hours of work during selected tidal windows [PDF]
March 2015 – Approved project permit (PP 2014-96): Pacific Coast Terminals Potash Handling Facility Project [PDF]
October 2014 – Engagement Summary Report: Pacific Coast Terminals Potash Handling Facility Project [PDF]
October 2014 – Consideration Memo: Pacific Coast Terminals Potash Handling Facility Project [PDF]

Contact information

For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review process, please contact us by email or phone at 604-665-9047.