Fraser Surrey Docks LP | Direct Transfer Coal Facility Project – Permit Amendment

July 17, 2015

Project status

Permit Cancelled

On January 30, 2019, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority cancelled project permit No. 2012-072-01, previously issued to Fraser Surrey Docks LP (FSD) to develop a direct transfer coal facility at FSD.

On November 30, 2015, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority issued a project permit (PP 2012-072-1) to Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD), amending and replacing their existing Direct Transfer Coal Facility project permit, issued on August 21, 2014. The amendment is a request to change the approved loading infrastructure to allow for a change in the method of shipping without increasing coal volumes handled at the terminal. Visit Fraser Surrey Docks website for consultation information from July 17 to August 21, 2015.

About the project

In July 2015, FSD submitted an application to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to amend its existing Direct Transfer Coal Facility Project Permit (PP 2012-072) in order to allow FSD to change the approved loading infrastructure to allow for a change in the method of shipping. The proposed amendment was for a change to the terminal infrastructure that would enable FSD to load coal directly to ocean‐going vessels.

The initial project design considered the use of an approximate total of 640 barges (round trip) at full capacity. With the implementation of the proposed amendment, the number of vessels navigating the river could be reduced to as few as 80 ocean‐going vessels (round trip), if FSD were to use only ocean-going vessels and no barges.

Proposed changes to the existing permit include:

  • a taller and longer marine vessel loader that would accommodate both vessels and barges
  • relocation of the transfer station between the out feed conveyor and the marine vessel loader
  • mounting the marine vessel loader control room above the out feed conveyor transfer point
  • relocation of the rail receiving building and associated infrastructure
  • relocation of the waste water settlement basins
  • realignment of the rail services to the rail receiving building and related rail infrastructure modifications
  • removal of Shed 4 (one-storey steel building, 4,600 m² in size)


Updated studies

Additional appendices

As part of the Port of Vancouver’s Project and Environmental Review Process, FSD will be required to undertake public and stakeholder consultation. The list below provides information on FSD’s engagement program.

  • FSD to provide the opportunity for interested parties to provide feedback on revised study results and draft mitigation strategies associated with minimizing any potential impacts associated with the amendment. Two-weeks advance notification and advertising in local newspapers is required
  • FSD to hold facilitated, multi-stakeholder meetings (small group meetings). Dates and locations available online
  • a discussion guide and a feedback form will be available online for public review and feedback, and will include a five-week (25-day) consultation period

The port authority will send project referrals to select municipalities, Aboriginal groups, and other agencies for feedback. The amendment application, including all supporting documentation, is also available in full on our website during the consultation period.

Following the close of the consultation period, the port authority will render its decision. An amending project permit will not be issued by the port authority until all technical and environmental reviews and any required municipal, agency, Aboriginal, and public consultation is complete.

All public comments related to the proposed permit amendment should be sent directly to Fraser Surrey Docks at the following email: [email protected]. Following the consultation period, Fraser Surrey Docks is required to summarize and respond to all public feedback and post these documents online. The port authority will not be providing individual responses to public comments received. All comments sent to the port authority will be forwarded to Fraser Surrey Docks for consideration and inclusion in their consultation process.

Additional resources

For earlier project and technical information, including previous decision documents, please visit the FSD Direct Transfer Coal Facility Project page.

Contact information

For questions regarding the port authority’s Project and Environment Review Process, please contact us by email or phone at 604.665.9047.