Cascadia West Rail Extension

March 26, 2020

Project Status
Permit issued

In March 2020, a project permit was issued to Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (the Applicant), to extend and make modifications to rail track west of the Cascadia Terminal along the south shore of the Burrard Inlet, west of Second Narrows in Vancouver, British Columbia on federal lands managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

The project was approved subject to 27 permit conditions that CP must meet to ensure the project does not result in significant adverse environmental effects.

About the project

The project involves the connection of the existing L29 and K10 rail tracks and includes the realignment and installation of new rail, of which approximately 30 metres is within the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s jurisdiction. Ballast will be laid at the project site and rail turnouts and rail tracks installed atop.

The will take approximately three months to complete. Work is to be undertaken seven days per week between the hours of 7:00am and 8:00pm.

Contact information

For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review of the proposed project, please contact Regan Elley, Planner, by email or phone at 604.665.9594.