Alliance Grain Terminal Limited | Shipping Gallery Replacement Project

May 21, 2015

Project status

Permit issued

On September 23, 2016, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority issued a project permit (PP 15-053) to Alliance Grain Terminal Ltd for the replacement of their existing shipping gallery which loads ships. Alliance Grain Terminal Ltd. facilities are under lease with the port authority, and are located on the south shore of Burrard Inlet in Vancouver. The project permit, including conditions, is available below.

About the project

The shipping gallery replacement project included decommissioning and removing of the current shipping gallery and replacing it with a new rail-mounted shiploader. Specific construction activities included:

  • demolition of the existing shipping gallery following the commissioning of the new system
  • installing approximately 58 new piles (48 in the water and 10 on the upland)
  • new foundations for the new gallery above the existing pier structure
  • installing a new conveyor gallery, approximately 10.1 m higher than the existing gallery and extending 46 m further north than the existing gallery (measuring 38 m high x 284 m long)
  • installing a new conveyor and mobile tipper system on rails. Mobile tipper to be equipped with two high capacity loading spouts, one on each side. Each spout length to be 24.2 m (retracted), 34.8 m (extended)
  • installing an enclosed conveyor and enclosed chute
  • modifications to bollards on the north end of the pier.


September 2016 – Approved Project Permit (PP 15-053): Alliance Grain Terminal Shipping Gallery Replacement Project [PDF]

Contact information

For questions regarding the port authority’s Project and Environment Review Process, please contact us by email or phone at 604.665.9047.