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Working rivers are the arteries of our planet

September 18, 2016

Vancouver Sun, September 18, 2016

This weekend, millions of people in more than 60 countries will participate in World Rivers Day, a global acknowledgment and celebration of the world’s waterways.

“Because of their environmental, social and economic importance, B.C.’s rivers — and the Fraser, in particular — are key components of our region’s overall sustainability,” writes Stephen Bruyneel, interim executive director of the Fraser River Discovery Centre. “The Fraser River Basin makes up 25 per cent of the province, is currently home to more than 60 per cent of B.C.’s population and remains a major driver of the economy, especially for the maritime industry.”

In 2015,  23 per cent of all Port of Vancouver cargo moved along the Fraser River. And according to a 2013 economic impact study by InterVISTAS, port and shipping activity along the Lower Fraser River generates approximately 41,500 jobs, $2.5 billion wages and $4 billion in GDP. Read more.

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