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Protecting local waters vital to survival of salmon

November 21, 2016

Vancouver Sun, November 21, 2106

Monitoring and protecting the quality of local waters are critically important for Port Moody’s Noons Creek salmon hatchery.

“While water quality testing is a year-round responsibility for us, when it comes to protecting water quality we simply can’t do it alone,” writes Brian Wormald, president of the Port Moody Ecological Society. “We must rely on everyone within the network of organizations and industry that make use of our waters to do their part.”

The Port of Vancouver is one such organization. Wormald mentions some of the important initiatives the Port of Vancouver has in place to help protect local water quality. These include such measures as the Fraser River Improvement Initiative; comprehensive controls of stormwater; and that we were the first port in North America to prohibit in-port ballast water exchange without prior mid-ocean exchange, preventing the transfer of invasive species from ships entering our local waters – a practice that served as the basis of government requirements now enforced by Transport Canada and adopted by many other countries. Read more.

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