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Port Authority’s online TV channel surpasses one million views in 2016 as interest in port activity grows

November 15, 2016

If you’ve ever wondered about tug boat captains or those yellow sulphur piles on the North Shore, then you’re in good company. Growing public interest in port-related topics like these, coupled with online outreach, has led to an increase in views of Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s online content channel, PortTV, which recently surpassed a milestone of one million views in 2016.

PortTV is designed to engage and educate audiences about the stories of people who live and work within port communities as well as the port authority’s involvement in innovative environmental initiatives, such as shore power for cruise and container ships and programs to reduce ocean noise from shipping as part of the port authority’s ECHO program. PortTV showcases the important role that the Port of Vancouver plays in people’s daily lives and in Canada’s economic prosperity.

“Activities at the Port of Vancouver play an essential role in the trade of goods through our country, and the port authority works to facilitate this in a way that protects the environment and enables thriving communities,” said Evangeline Englezos, ‎Director, Community and Aboriginal Affairs at Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Since launching PortTV in 2014, the port authority has produced 26 episodes of its popular People of the Port and Port Pop Quiz series, which highlight the often lesser-known roles of the people who live in Lower Mainland communities and work at the Port of Vancouver, Canada’s largest port. The port generates around 100,000 supply-chain jobs that support Canada’s trade with more than 170 world economies and contribute to a strong national economy.

“PortTV is a fun way to share the stories of port activity and the people involved,” said Englezos. “We live in a port city and it’s great to see the growing public interest in the role the port plays in everyday lives throughout the region and across the country.”

Along with the use of online video, the port authority uses social media channels to engage with communities and tell the story of the Port of Vancouver. To learn more, follow the port authority’s social media channels and look out for #myportcity content.

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