Port authority statement on minister’s consideration of environmental effects from marine shipping in Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project decision

March 8, 2019

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change’s direction to include marine shipping in the federal environmental assessment decision on the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project aligns with the approach taken by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to study all potential environmental effects of the project.

In October 2015, in response to updated Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines provided by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, the port authority submitted the Marine Shipping Addendum to the independent review panel. The addendum explains the results of our assessment of the potential effects resulting from marine shipping outside the port authority’s jurisdiction associated with the proposed project and within Canada’s territorial sea.

Throughout the environmental assessment process we have continued to consult with the public and Indigenous groups on all aspects of the project and marine shipping associated with the project.

Now, after many years of environmental study conducted by independent experts, we are confident in the information we have provided to the review panel, and in our conclusion that the project and marine shipping associated with the project will not have any adverse effects to the environment that cannot be mitigated.

We look forward to the next steps in the environmental assessment process, most notably the public hearing to be conducted by the review panel beginning in May 2019.

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About the project

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is a proposed container terminal in Delta, B.C. that is needed to ensure Canada is able to meet its trade objectives through the mid- to late-2030s. The project is currently undergoing a federal environmental assessment by an independent review panel.

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