Port authority implements temporary and voluntary 15-knot speed restriction for tier 2 vessels in First Narrows Traffic Control Zone

July 6, 2018

Effective July 6 to October 1, 2018

Beginning today, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is encouraging boaters to slow down when transiting the First Narrows Traffic Control Zone, which includes the area either side of the Lions Gate Bridge.

The voluntary 15-knot speed restriction to help keep port users safe will be in effect between July 6 and October 1, 2018. It is applicable to all tier 2 vessels, which includes any vessel that is not a deep-sea piloted vessel. Most recreational vessels such as power boats, fishing boats, and sailboats fall into this category, in addition to tugs, ferries, and whale watching boats, among others.

Deep-sea commercial vessels already follow a speed restriction of 10 knots through the First Narrows Traffic Control Zone.

The First Narrows is a narrow waterway with challenging tide and current conditions that can make it difficult for small watercraft to safely navigate. During the summer months when the weather warms up, this channel typically becomes very congested due to an increase in commercial and recreational vessel traffic. Last fall, the port authority increased the access area for recreational boaters through the First Narrows and around Siwash Rock. As a result, more human-powered pleasure crafts including kayaks, canoes and paddle boards are in this area, especially during this time of year. The port authority is encouraging boaters to slow down as vessels moving at high speeds can pose a danger to these small watercraft.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is responsible for maintaining the safe and efficient movement of marine traffic within the Port of Vancouver. In partnership with other agencies, the port authority regularly assists to keep shipping lanes clear of small vessel traffic.

This voluntary and temporary speed restriction in the First Narrows Traffic Control Zone is being implemented by the port authority for the safety of all boaters in the Port of Vancouver.

Preparation and knowledge of safe boating practices and understanding your responsibilities on the water are key to ensuring your outing is enjoyable and safe.

All boaters are encouraged to subscribe to our marine operations email list to receive updates from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. We’ll notify you of changes and amendments to our Port Information Guide’s practices and procedures as they happen.

Further information:

  • Port Information Guide [PDF] for localized practices and procedures at the Port of Vancouver
  • Fraser River Safe Boating Guide [PDF]
  • Burrard Inlet Safe Boating Guide [PDF]
  • For up-to-date information on safety tips and requirements for pleasure crafts, see Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety

Map of First Narrows Traffic Control Zone

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