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Port authority completes construction of Deltaport Truck Staging Facility

August 6, 2020

This week, a new truck staging facility opened in Delta, B.C, making room for up to 140 trucks, including early arrivals to the Deltaport container terminal at the Port of Vancouver. This will help to address long-standing road safety concerns in the Delta community when port-destined container truck queues reach more than 15 trucks along the Roberts Bank causeway.

The new staging facility is located on provincial land at the intersection of Highway 17, Highway 17A and Deltaport Way in Delta, British Columbia, and includes:

  • A secure vehicle access control system gate requiring a valid port pass
  • A commercial vehicle safety and enforcement area for truck safety inspections
  • A new highway exit ramp to facilitate access from Highway 17
  • An additional road exit to allow traffic access onto Deltaport Way
  • 24-hour remote surveillance courtesy of the port authority

Trucks making their way to Deltaport previously had to queue on the causeway when arriving early for reservations or when there is a closure at the Deltaport terminal at the Port of Vancouver.

As a Canada Port Authority, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s mandate is to enable Canada’s trade through the Port of Vancouver, while protecting the environment and considering local communities.

“This new facility will enhance safety and traffic flow, and also provide a separate area for commercial vehicle safety and enforcement to perform inspections.” said Peter Xotta, vice president of planning and operations at the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. ”We were pleased to collaborate with the City of Delta and our partners at Transport Canada and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to complete this important project, particularly during these unusual times. Projects such as this one help to increase community safety while ensuring that Canadian consumers can get the goods they need and local businesses have access to international markets.”

As a joint partnership with the Government of Canada (Transport Canada) and the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, this has been part of a series of projects known as the Deltaport Terminal, Road and Rail Improvement Project. This work is being done to improve the movement of containers in and out of Roberts Bank by a capacity of 600,000 twenty-equivalent unit (TEU) containers, to a total of 2.4 million TEUs per year – all while reducing the impact of trade growth in the community of Delta.

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“Keeping roads safe is important. By investing in this new facility, our government is ensuring the safety of the Delta community, while improving the flow of essential goods Canadians depend on, particularly as we continue to face the challenges of the global pandemic.” – Marc Garneau, minister of transport

“By investing in this project, our government is investing in community safety and economic recovery. Reducing truck traffic congestion is a big win for Delta. Trucks will be able to stage safely and inspections will be more efficient. Traffic and goods will flow more smoothly, getting people and product where they need to go.  As we gradually restart our economy, investments like this will ensure that Delta is well positioned to flourish.” – Carla Qualtrough, MP for Delta, B.C.

“This new truck staging facility will increase safety, considerably improve efficiency and relieve traffic congestion around the port. The reduction of trucks idling will also help the environment. We’re always working to create efficiencies in our transportation networks.”  – Claire Trevena, minister of transportation and infrastructure

“Our government is pleased to invest in this project that benefits truck drivers and the community of Delta. Truck drivers will be better-served by the new staging facility that will provide much better parking and a safe place to queue while waiting to enter the Deltaport terminal.” – Ravi Kahlon, MLA for Delta North

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