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Ottawa should partner with private sector on infrastructure

February 14, 2017

Globe and Mail, February 14, 2017

The Canada West Foundation has called on the federal government to engage more with the private sector when it comes to trade-enabling infrastructure investments. In a Globe and Mail editorial, the Foundation’s Carlo Dade, John Law and Naomi Christensen say that while Ottawa appears to understand that getting the greatest return from adding trade-enabling infrastructure requires a view of investments as pieces of national or regional supply-and-production chains, more could be done to make Canada more competitive globally.

“A project does not have to physically touch every province to be nationally significant,” they write in a Globe and Mail editorial. “Investments in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia are crucial for the growth of exports in the other Western provinces – roughly 17 per cent of Saskatchewan’s gross domestic product flows through the Port of Vancouver.” Read more

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