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North Vancouver’s Low Level Road Project now complete, as new section of Spirit Trail officially opened

March 19, 2015

A major milestone was celebrated today in the City of North Vancouver with the announcement of the completion of the Low Level Road Project, and the official opening of a new section of the Spirit Trail.

Andrew Saxton, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for North Vancouver, on behalf of the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, today officially opened the new Spirit Trail and Low Level Road with Peter Xotta, Vice President of Planning and Operations, Port Metro Vancouver; Barry Forbes, Vice Chair, TransLink Board of Directors; and Darrell Mussatto, Mayor of the City of North Vancouver.

The Low Level Road Project involved the realignment and elevation of approximately 2.6 kilometres of the Low Level Road, between St. Georges Avenue and 3rd Street East, providing space for two new rail tracks to improve rail switching efficiency and capacity. The project also eliminated three existing at-grade rail crossings and provided grade separated access to Neptune and Cargill terminals. Works addressed safety, recreation and noise challenges associated with port operations along the Low Level Road, including the reconfiguration of three intersections and improved lanes for cyclists.

In addition, the project involved the completion of the Spirit Trail pedestrian walkway from St. Georges Avenue to Kennard Avenue, including structures over two creeks in Moodyville Park and an overpass at 3rd Street East near Heywood Street. The Spirit Trail walkway accelerates the City of North Vancouver’s vision for a multi-use greenway.

The project was designed to enhance rail and port operations as international trade continues to grow, and to address long-standing community safety and traffic congestion challenges in the area.

Quick Facts

  • The Low Level Road Project contributes to the expansion of the rail lines through the North Shore Trade Area and aims to address long-standing community needs by reducing traffic congestion and train noise.
  • The total cost of the project is $101.6 million, including a federal government contribution of $49.4 million under the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Transportation Infrastructure Fund. The other funding partners are:
  • Port Metro Vancouver ($31.6 million)
  • Canadian National Railway ($10 million)
  • TransLink ($5 million)
  • Canadian Pacific Railway ($4.8 million)
  • City of North Vancouver ($800,000)
  • The project enhances rail and port operations by adding cargo capacity through increased mainline rail and rail yard capacity.
  • The project enhances access to terminal facilities for commercial traffic, enabling longer train lengths, and improved road connections to industries bordering the rail tracks.
  • Environmental compensation for the project included invasive species removal, installation of two artificial nest sites for eagles and landscaping incorporating indigenous species.
  • Public artwork components were installed along the new road.


“Our government is proud to deliver on another Asia-Pacific Gateway success story. The Low Level Road Project will contribute to Canada’s trade competiveness in the Asia-Pacific region, while providing environmental and economic benefits to local communities and industry right here on the North Shore.”
Andrew Saxton
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for North Vancouver

“The Low Level Road Project is a fantastic example of Port Metro Vancouver working to achieve our mandate by increasing trade opportunities for Canada while balancing the needs of the environment and local communities. This project and the joint effort of all funding partners will contribute significantly to increasing trade opportunities in the Pacific Gateway, while also increasing safety and quality of life for local residents in North Vancouver.”
Peter Xotta
Vice President of Planning and Operations, Port Metro Vancouver

“Projects of this nature are made possible through a shared vision and cooperation. Improving the Low Level Road, which is part of the major road network, is key to the safe and efficient movement of people and goods across the region. This project will also help ease traffic congestion and enhance road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and transit users traveling in or through the North Shore community.”
Barry Forbes
Vice Chair, TransLink Board of Directors

“The improvements made to the Low Level Road will deliver significant benefits to our community. This signature new road is now a landmark that will greatly improve congestion, and its redesign addresses safety, noise and pollution. The extension of the Sprit Trail and addition of dedicated bicycle paths will provide lasting health benefits to the community. Many thanks to all for your patience during this major engineering feat.”
Darrell Mussatto
Mayor of the City of North Vancouver

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