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Growing the B.C. wine brand in international markets

October 6, 2016

LinkedIn, October 6, 2016

How is the Okanagan Valley’s wine industry setting itself apart in a fiercely competitive global market? Location and international access have been “transformative” for the local industry, says John Skinner, the proprietor of Penticton’s Painted Rock Estate Winery Ltd.

“Our location offers a unique opportunity to access international markets,” Skinner writes. “We have Canada’s largest port located just a five hour drive away. By taking advantage of strong, established and economical shipping routes from the Port of Vancouver, we can access new markets, drive increased global awareness, and grow our operations. For instance, this year, we estimate Painted Rock will export 2,000 cases of wine internationally – that’s 24,000 bottles of wine! – via the Port of Vancouver.” Read more.

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