Energy action

Environmental field work at the Port of Vancouver

Our Energy Action initiative helps port tenants save energy through energy-efficient equipment, buildings, and operational practices that reduce costs and exposure to energy pricing. We partner with BC Hydro to provide port tenants with technical expertise in energy management and access to BC Hydro’s financial incentives.

How Energy Action works

Port tenants who participate in Energy Action are eligible to receive financial resources and technical expertise from the port authority’s industrial energy manager, who supports tenants by:

  • performing electrical energy assessments to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • introducing energy management systems
  • assisting in business case development for energy conservation measures, such as project life cycle cost analysis
  • facilitating electrical energy conservation projects
  • supporting applications for financial incentives from BC Hydro
  • facilitating information sharing on best practices through meetings and workshops

Participation in Energy Action

All Vancouver Fraser Port Authority tenants are welcome to participate in Energy Action provided the specific requirements are met.

Category A

Applies to: Terminals that are members of the BC Marine Terminal Operations Association and/or consume >10 GWh annually

Program elements Specific requirements
Energy management assessment Conduct a 2 hour energy management assessment workshop with senior managers and operations staff, facilitated by BC Hydro and the port authority’s Industrial Energy Manager, to review energy management practices and identify priorities for future actions.
Strategic energy management plan Prepare a high-level strategic energy management plan.
Personnel commitment Identify a Terminal Power Champion who is responsible for leading energy conservation initiatives.
Targets Set an energy intensity reduction target, for example kWh per tonne of cargo, GJ per total terminal container moves or kWh per square foot of building.
Monitoring Enter into an energy data sharing agreement with the port authority to enable the exchange of monthly energy consumption data and reductions through energy conservation projects on at least an annual basis. Participants can chose to connect to the port authority’s Energy Management Information System, which allows real-time energy monitoring, or provide the data manually.

Terminal operators that demonstrate leadership by meeting the above criteria and achieving a reduction in energy intensity are eligible for our Blue Circle Award for Leadership in Energy Efficiency.

Category B

Applies to: All port tenants not covered by Category A.

Program elements Specific requirements
Energy management assessment Participate in a port authority-hosted workshop, such as the Environmental Managers Breakfast or Climate Smart training.
Reporting Share monthly energy consumption data with the port authority on at least an annual basis.

Contact information

For more information or to apply to participate in Energy Action, please contact Dorota Kwasnik, industrial energy manager, by email or phone at 604.665.9000.