Non-Road Diesel Emissions Program

Since January 1, 2015, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has administered a Non-Road Diesel Emissions (NRDE) program to reduce diesel particulate matter emissions associated with non-road equipment.

The NRDE program includes a fee for tenants who operate or permit operation of older diesel non-road equipment on federal land leased from the port authority. More information about the NRDE fee is included in the current fee schedule.

Why does the port have this program?

Our NRDE program supports cleaner, lower emission equipment on port lands. Click above to open our program brochure and learn more.

Diesel particulate matter is a known human carcinogen causing respiratory disease and lung cancer. Environment Canada identifies diesel engines as major contributors to particulate matter, and Metro Vancouver has shown that particulate matter emissions from diesel engines are significant contributors to the lifetime cancer risks from air pollutants in our region.

We are committed to continuous improvement of air emissions that contribute to air quality and climate change. In collaboration with the Port of Seattle, Port of Tacoma and the Northwest Seaport Alliance, with support from Canadian and U.S. regulatory agencies, we developed the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy in 2007 (updated in 2013). We launched a number of programs that support meeting the strategy’s emission reduction commitments, including:

  • Discounted harbour due rates for ships through our EcoAction program (2007)
  • Environmental requirements through our container Truck Licensing System (2008)
  • Non-road diesel emissions program (2015)

How was this initiative developed?

The NRDE program was developed with external and internal stakeholders, including a technical advisory group with representation from Port of Vancouver tenants. The process was designed to ensure the NRDE program supports the port authority’s air emissions objectives while meeting the business needs of tenants.

Who must report?

All tenants who operate, cause to be operated, or otherwise permit the operation of non-road diesel equipment on federal land leased from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority must report this equipment. Fees applicable in a calendar year will be payable in the first quarter of the following year.

What equipment will be charged a fee?

PMV NRDE Icons_TopPickThe NRDE fee applies to non-certified (Tier 0) and Tier 1 non-road diesel equipment operated on port lands. This includes equipment owned, leased or rented by tenants, sub-tenants, contractors, and subcontractors, etc. The NRDE fee does not apply to:

  • equipment engines with a maximum horsepower below 25 hp (19 kW)
  • refrigerated containers
  • emergency backup power devices, such as gensets, intended to be operated only in the case of emergencies

How to report and pay fees from January 2016 to 2021

PMV NRDE Icons_ForkliftThe NRDE fee is assessed after tenants complete the annual report tool for each year from 2015 to 2020. Annual reports of hours are due by January 31st of the following year, and require all tenants to update and submit their annual report tools to reflect:

  • end of year hour-meter readings (or appropriate fuel/activity logs)
  • new equipment and engine purchases/leases
  • equipment operated by contractors during that year
  • emissions reduction measures (ERMs) applied, and/or
  • equipment retirements

PMV NRDE Icons_RTGcraneThe port authority will send invoices to tenants for the equipment operated in the previous calendar year by each March through at least 2021 (for 2020 operations). New labels for applicable equipment reported in the annual report tool will be provided each year, as needed.

The port authority will review and assess the NRDE Program between now and the 2020 operating year, to determine the extent to which program requirements may apply beyond that date. While fees are expected to continue for the operation of Tier 0 and Tier 1 equipment post-2020, other changes to the program may also be implemented.

Claiming rebates

PMV NRDE Icons_FrontEndLoaderRebates are available to tenants for retiring, repowering, or installing approved emission reduction measures (ERMs) on equipment. For approved ERMs that result in Tier 2 emission levels for particulate matter, or equivalent, tenants will receive a fee rebate of up to 80 per cent, provided that they have also met additional required components of the program. Rebates will be calculated during the annual NRDE accounts reconciliation. The port authority will review the ERM and reduce the fee to reflect the rebate and/or issue payment to the tenant.

Additional program components

In addition to reporting and labelling all applicable non-road diesel equipment, and paying fees for Tier 0 and Tier 1 equipment, the NRDE program also requires tenants seeking rebates to develop a fuel efficiency plan, implement an idle reduction policy, and meet opacity requirements. These broader program components are applicable to the entire non-road diesel fleet.


NRDE Program – Brochure [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Frequently asked questions [PDF]  

Program tools

NRDE Program – Annual report tool [XLSX] NRDE Program – Rebates and reduced fees [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Declaration: annual declaration of no non-road diesel equipment [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Declaration: contractor construction equipment declaration [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Guidelines: emissions reduction measures [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Guidelines: fuel efficiency plan [PDF]  

Fact sheets

NRDE Program – Fact sheet: tier classifications and emissions standards [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Fact sheet: opacity [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Fact sheet: health concerns [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Fact sheet: fuel efficiency plans and idle reduction policies [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Fact sheet: engine power and model year [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Fact sheet: diesel particulate matter [PDF]  
NRDE Program – Fact sheet: approved emissions reduction measures [PDF]  

Consultation reports

Please contact us for copies of consultation reports.

Program timeline and key dates

Action Timelines (annual)
Tenants record equipment hour meter readings January 1
Tenants complete and submit the NRDE Annual Report Tool January 31
Port authority evaluates any fee reductions or rebates February 28
Port authority assesses fees for previous calendar year and issues invoices March 31
Port authority issues rebates where applicable April 30


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