Westham Island Canoe Pass Tidal Marsh Project

August 12, 2015

Project status

Permitting and approvals phase

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is currently working with the Province of British Columbia to advance the necessary permits and approvals required for the proposed project.

We undertook formal public and stakeholder engagement in March 2014. We will continue to consult with regulators, First Nations, and stakeholders, as appropriate. Please note that the proposed project may change based on further consultation and technical input.

About the project

The proposed Westham Island Canoe Pass Tidal Marsh Project is located in Canoe Pass near the south side of Westham Island in Delta. The project would expand an existing marsh area by converting an adjacent un-vegetated intertidal sand and mudflat into approximately 40,000 m2  (4 ha) of high quality marsh habitat.

The proposed project would provide high-value habitat to benefit fish, birds and other wildlife. Brackish marshes are essential rearing areas for juvenile salmon, which helps sustain Pacific salmon stocks. We selected this site based on the potential of habitat enhancement to benefit a broad range of fish and wildlife species and ecological functions.

As an added community benefit, we are working towards using locally dredged material for the fill required for the project. This material would otherwise have been dredged and disposed of at the expense of the Local Channel Dredging Contribution Program, thereby leaving more funds available under that program.


Westham Timeline


Westham Current State at Low Tide
Current state at low tide
Westham Proposed New Habitat at Low Tide
Proposed new habitat at low tide


March 2014 – Ecological Conditions Report: Proposed Westham Island Tidal Marsh Project [PDF]
June 2014 – Input Consideration Memo: Westham Island Canoe Pass Tidal Marsh Project [PDF]
April 2014 – Engagement Summary Memo: Westham Island Canoe Pass Tidal Marsh Project [PDF]
February 2014 – Discussion Paper: Westham Island Canoe  Pass Tidal Marsh Project [PDF]
Winter 2014 – Westham Standwatch Bird Surveys [PDF]
Summer 2014 – Westham Waterbird Surveys [PDF]
2013 to 2014 – Westham Board and Standwatch Waterbird Surveys [PDF]