Pacific Coast Terminals | Dredging Project

May 21, 2015

Project status

Permit issued

On December 30, 2016, a project permit was issued to Envirochem Services Inc., on behalf of Pacific Coast Terminals, to develop the Port Moody Channel Dredging project for dredging of the navigation channel and turning basin near the existing terminal at 2300 Columbia Street in Port Moody, British Columbia on federal lands and water managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

The project was approved subject to 46 permit conditions which Envirochem Services Inc., on behalf of Pacific Coast Terminals, must meet to ensure the project does not result in significant adverse environmental effects.

For more information about the project and construction activities, please go to Pacific Coast Terminal’s Dredging Project website.

About the project

PCT is proposing to dredge a section of the navigation channel in the Port Moody Arm to increase the depth of the channel from -10.5 m to -13.5 m at low water, allowing vessels to sail from PCT at a greater range of times with only 1 m of tidal assist. The channel dredge area is approximately 150 m wide and 1000 m long. A similar dredge to deepen the same portion of the channel to -10.5 m was conducted by the port authority in 1995.

The Dredging Project proposes to relocate approximately 550,000 m3 of sediment from the channel. The material meets the numeric criteria for disposal at sea (as determined by Environment Canada) and is proposed to be disposed of near PCT, at and adjacent to a disposal area used at the time of the last dredge. The final elevation of dredged material at the disposal area is -4.5 m below low water. The disposal at this location is subject to the approval of Environment Canada.

The proposed dredging will increase business efficiency for PCT and allow more flexibility loaded vessels to depart from the terminal.

The PCT Dredging project is linked to the Imperial Oil Limited project permit application (PP 2014-002) to permanently remove significant portions of two pipelines that cross Port Moody Arm. The removal of the pipes is necessary to facilitate the deepening of the navigation channel near PCT in Port Moody.


December 2016 – Approved Project Permit (PP2015-136): Environchem Services Inc. obo Pacific Coast Terminals Port Moody Channel Dredging [PDF]
December 2016 – Project and Environmental Review Report: Environchem Services Inc. obo Pacific Coast Terminals Port Moody Channel Dredging [PDF]
May 2015 (Revised) – Dredging Project Application: Pacific Coast Terminals [PDF]
May 2015 – Environmental Review Document: Pacific Coast Terminals [PDF]
July 2015 – Revised Equipment Layout: Pacific Coast Terminals [PDF]

Consultation materials

Information on the PCT Dredging Project was shared with the public during PCT’s previous consultation efforts for the Canola Handling Facility Project and the Wastewater Treatment Facility Project.

September 2014 – Open House Presentation: Pacific Coast Terminals [PDF]

Contact information

For more information about Pacific Coast Terminals’ project and construction activities, please visit  Pacific Coast Terminal’s Dredging Project website or contact Andre Olivier, Manager of Engineering & Projects at Pacific Coast Terminals by email or phone at 604.939-7371.

For questions regarding the Project and Environmental Review process, please contact us by email or phone at 604-665-9047.