Recreational Docks

Moratorium on recreational dock applications

Fraser RiverWe are not currently accepting any recreational dock applications within our jurisdiction, including single and shared docks. Any recreational dock applications currently under review are being processed. New recreational dock guidelines are being developed that will consider:

  • environmental impacts
  • marine navigation
  • safety
  • public access
  • existing best practices

The current moratorium regarding recreational docks ensures that we can develop guidelines and review future applications in a consistent manner.

We have been reviewing our approach to recreational docks for several years with a goal of consistency and alignment with our new Land Use Plan and our Project and Environmental Review Process. During this time, various moratoriums have been placed on new recreational dock applications. We recognize and regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Recreational docks are those immediately in front of existing residential properties and are for non-commercial private use. Recreational dock owners have licenses for non-exclusive use, which means that the general public still have rights to access the waterfront.

Repairs to existing docks

If an existing dock requires repairs, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.