To assist applicants in preparing their applications and determining the scope of required studies, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has developed application guides and technical guidelines as listed below. If you have questions, please contact our Planning and Development team at 604.665.9047 or [email protected].

Application guides

Project and Environmental Review Application Guide [PDF]
Project and Environmental Review Categories [PDF]
Works and Activities Exclusion List [PDF]

Technical guidelines

Technical studies may be required to support the review of a Project Permit. Depending on the category of review, a project may also require Aboriginal, stakeholder and/or public consultation. The need for technical studies will be confirmed in the preliminary review phase of the Project and Environmental Review Process, but will generally only be required for Category C and D reviews. Please note these guidelines may be updated, or new guidelines may be added to the list.

Aboriginal Consultation – Information for Applicants [PDF]
Air Emission Management Plan [PDF]
Construction Environmental Management Plan [PDF]
Demolition [PDF]
Designated Projects [PDF]
Environmental Air Assessment [PDF]
Environmental Noise Assessment [PDF]
Habitat Assessment [PDF]
Lighting [PDF]
Project Energy Study Guidelines [PDF]
Public Consultation [PDF]
Requests to Conduct Construction Outside of Regular Work Hours [PDF]
Shore Protection Guidelines – Inspection, Maintenance, Design and Repair [PDF]
Stakeholder Consultation [PDF]
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan [PDF]
Transportation Guidelines [PDF]
View and Shade Impact [PDF]

Supporting materials

Land Use Plan
Land Use Plan Map
Project and Environmental Review Guiding Principles [PDF]
Record Drawing Standards [PDF]