Preliminary Project Enquiry

If you intend to submit a Category C or D application, your proposed project must first undergo a preliminary project enquiry. Applicants may also request a preliminary review of a Category B project. Preliminary reviews are not required for Category A projects.

Please complete a preliminary project enquiry review directly on our online portal in order to start the preliminary review process. Supporting documents may be uploaded to the portal at any time during your application or review process.

We will advise you of the name of your preliminary review project lead. No fees apply for the preliminary project enquiry review.

Request a preliminary review

Important note regarding Category C and D projects

All Category C and D projects require a preliminary review due to the often complex nature of these projects.

During the preliminary review, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will provide guidance to the applicant on the required scope of studies, consultation requirements and other documents and information that would be required as part of a complete application.

If you have any questions regarding preliminary project enquiries, please contact our planning and development department at 604.665.9047 or email [email protected].