Permits and reviews for proposed development in the Port of Vancouver

The Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port, and is home to a wide variety of trade-related activity. We aim to make sure the port is able to continue supporting national trade for years to come, all while protecting the environment and considering local communities in the process.

Are you a company or terminal operator looking to propose work and activities that will take place on the lands or in the waters within the port authority’s jurisdiction?

You can get started by reviewing our information on project guidelines and our project and environmental review process.

While the movement of goods to and from the port is managed by terminals, shipping agents, pilots, and other individual companies that operate within our jurisdiction, our job as a port authority is to ensure the lands and waters that make up the port are managed responsibly and sustainably.

We control the use of federally-owned port lands and water, leasing their use to terminal operators and other tenants. We are also responsible for land use planning for the federal lands that make up the port’s jurisdiction. As laid out in the Canada Marine Act, our oversight includes conducting reviews and issuing permits for work, projects, and events proposed within our jurisdiction.

Some of the reviews and permits we’re responsible for include:

We post the status of permit applications on our website.