Land and Marine Event Permits

Port users who wish to conduct certain land and marine events are required to apply for a permit. Each application is examined so that any safety and operational concerns can be addressed, in order for the event or procedure to be safe and successful.

Apply for a marine event permit

All organized activities on the water that occur within the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s jurisdiction require a marine event permit. Examples of marine events requiring a permit include:

  • community events/celebrations
  • filming
  • fireworks (after approval from the nearest municipal fire service and/or confirmation that municipal officials support the event – note that this process will vary depending on the municipality)
  • navy events/visits
  • paddle/dragon boat races
  • sailing races/regattas
  • survey work
  • yacht club and boating associations events

To begin the process of applying for a marine event permit, visit the Pacific Gateway Portal. Once you have registered for an account and have a user name and password, click on “Marine Events” to apply. There is no fee for a marine event permit.

Questions on this process may be directed to our Operations Centre at 604.665.9086.

Note: Requests for False Creek, which is not part of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s jurisdiction, should be directed to the City of Vancouver.

Visiting naval vessels and naval activities

All naval vessel visits and activities at the Port of Vancouver are handled by a Maritime Forces Pacific representative. For inquiries, phone 250.363.5848.

Upon approval from the Royal Canadian Navy, the naval visit information must be submitted through the Pacific Gateway Portal.

Apply for filming, special event or parking license

If you are looking to use port lands and/or waters for filming, special events or parking purposes on a short-term basis, please refer to our Short Term Use Guidelines and Filming, Special Events and Parking Application Form. Requests are reviewed to ensure no interference with port operations, such as shipping, navigation, transportation or other port interests. The guidelines describe our requirements for each event type and the licensing procedures, charges and information required to process an application.

If you are interested in using the port property presently occupied by a tenant, please contact the tenant directly to make arrangements. Your use of the occupied property requires that you reach an agreement with the tenant first. In turn, it is the tenant’s responsibility to obtain the port authority’s consent, including all agency and regulatory approvals.

For more information, please contact our Real Estate department at [email protected] or phone 604.665.9196.