Compliance monitoring and enforcement program

We use our Project and Environmental Review process to fulfill our federal responsibilities under the Canada Marine Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, carefully reviewing and considering potential effects from all proposed project development on federal lands and waters before determining if a project should proceed.

If a proposed project is approved, a project permit will be issued with conditions.

We have updated our approach to monitoring and documenting project permit condition compliance. These improvements are part of our continued commitment to sustainability and safety at the port authority. We also investigate unauthorized works conducted by our tenants without obtaining a project permit from us.

Our compliance monitoring and enforcement program has the following objectives:

  • Efficiently and effectively monitor compliance with project permit conditions;
  • Provide an effective deterrent to non-compliance with permit conditions and unauthorized works;
  • Enhance opportunities for amicable resolutions to instances of non-compliance; and
  • Increase transparency of the port authority’s post-permit monitoring processes, including compliance oversight and enforcement actions.

Under the program, non-compliance is defined as a failure to act in accordance with a project permit condition. Unauthorized work is work that is undertaken without a project permit which would have required a project permit, or work undertaken that is beyond the scope of what is authorized in a project permit.

An overview of our compliance monitoring and enforcement program is available in our 2018 summary report.

Enforcement actions

A summary of active enforcement actions which have been issued is provided in the table below. This table will be updated promptly after the issuance of an enforcement action. Should the permit holder/proponent quickly return to compliance, they will remain included on this table until the next quarterly enforcement report is issued. For more information on all of our enforcement actions, please refer to our quarterly enforcement reports.

Summary of enforcement actions

Permit holder/proponent


Project permit

Enforcement action



Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Brownsville Shrub and Garbage Removal PP 17-148 Stop work order and restoration order issued April 2018 In progress
Tilbury Management #1 Ltd. Water Lot Infill Preliminary Review 15-326 In progress October 2018 In progress
Columbia Containers Ltd. Partial Bight Infill PP 17-102 Stop work order issued January 2019 Returned to compliance
Metro Vancouver Conveyance for the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant PP 17-090 Stop work order issued March 2019 Returned to compliance
Advisian obo South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink) Seabus Temporary Berth in North Vancouver PP 18-203 Correction order issued  March 2019 Returned to compliance

2019 Quarterly Reports

Quarter 1 Summary report – Coming soon

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