Building Permits

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority issues Building Permits and Occupancy Permits for buildings and structures* within the port authority’s jurisdiction using an accredited building code consultant contracted for plan review. Contracted building code consultants advise the port authority on the issuance of Building Permits, inspections and building suitability for occupancy. The port authority requires that design drawings be reviewed to ensure buildings and structures meet the 2015 National Building Code of Canada and the 2015 National Fire Code of Canada.

For projects that include new buildings or require modifications to existing buildings or structures, a Port Authority Building Permit may be required in addition to a Project Permit. Vancouver Fraser Port Authority staff will confirm if a project requires a Port Authority Building Permit during the Preliminary Review phase, as appropriate.

*Construction of buildings and structures that are subject to a Port Authority Building Permit must not begin until an approved Building Permit has been issued. Occupancy and use of a building and structure must not begin until occupancy approval has been issued by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Port Authority Building Permits are required for:

  • new building construction
  • changes of building use
  • additions and renovations
  • structural modifications
  • interior renovations
  • temporary buildings and/or structures on port property

Exceptions include works not regulated by the 2015 National Building Code of Canada, and certain in-water works such as:

  • floating docks or piers
  • mooring dolphins, pilings 

Where a project is undergoing a Project and Environmental Review Process, a Building Permit submission can be initiated early (prior to approval of a Project Permit). However a Building Permit will not be issued until a Project Permit has been approved.

If you have questions on the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Building Permit Process, please contact Planning and Development at 604.665.9047 or [email protected].

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