Centerm Community Fund

The third and last application intake period for the Centerm Community Fund closed on April 2, 2021.

The Centerm Community Fund is a $500,000 fund created to benefit the local community benefit as a part of the Centerm Expansion Project. The fund is designed to support organizations located along the south shore of the Burrard Inlet where significant construction is taking place on the Centerm terminal and along the south shore of Burrard Inlet. The funding comes from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, in collaboration with the Centerm container terminal operator DP World, and will be distributed over three years and three intake periods.

When can I apply?

The third and last application intake period is now closed.

Application periods

2019 Tuesday, September 3 – Friday, November 29 (closed)
2020 Tuesday, January 7 – Friday, May 1 (closed)
2021 Tuesday, January 5 – Friday, April 2 (closed)

Applications must be received during the intake period to be considered. All applicants will be advised of the status of their applications within one week after being reviewed in April 2021.

How to apply?

Organizations located in the Downtown Eastside (including Chinatown, Gastown, and Railtown), Strathcona, Hastings-Sunrise, and Grandview-Woodland are invited to submit proposals for funding.

Applications are done through an online platform. You will be asked to create an ID and upload information about your project.

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What kind of projects can receive funding?

Our program investments support two key pillars:

  • Thriving Communities
  • Healthy Environment

Thriving communities

We believe being a good neighbour and building community connections is the key to a thriving community. This is why we are always looking for opportunities to support local organizations, programs, and initiatives in our neighbouring communities that enrich the lives of the people who live and work there.

Through our community investment program, funding consideration is given to programs that endeavour to enhance the quality of life of people in our neighbouring communities, including:

  • Enabling access to basic needs, such as food and shelter
  • Creating safe neighbourhoods
  • Training opportunities for employment
  • Providing barrier-free opportunities
  • Fostering community connections

Healthy environment

As a Canada Port Authority, we are responsible for the stewardship and environmental protection of port land and waters. To do this, we regularly collaborate with community groups and environmental organizations to support conservation efforts and address environmental risks of port-related activity.

Through the community investment program, funding consideration will be given to organizations or programs that operate within one or more of the following areas:

  • Air and climate action: air quality, greenhouse gas reduction, energy conservation, and alternative energy sources
  • Water: water quality, sediment quality, and the protection of marine and freshwater ecosystems
  • Land: remediation, restoration, and enhancement
  • Biodiversity: enhancing and protecting aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity, including species at risk and their habitat

Ineligible funding requests

We receive numerous requests for funding each year. Unfortunately, we are not able to support every request. Priority is given to projects and initiatives that serve the communities within close proximity to port operations in our jurisdiction.

Before applying, please review the funding guidelines below to ensure your project or initiative is eligible.

The following organizations and activities are not eligible:

  • Major capital projects and campaigns
  • Sports teams, athletes, tournaments, equipment, or travel costs
  • Parent advisory councils (PACs)
  • Political, lobbyist, or religious organizations
  • Fundraising events (golf tournaments and galas)
  • Private events
  • Neighbourhood block parties
  • Individual fundraising efforts
  • Requests for 100% of a project’s budget
  • Exclusive organizations that limit or bar participation on the basis of race, religion, culture, gender, or sexual orientation

In specific cases, we fund existing partnerships that fall outside this criteria. Before applying, please review the funding guidelines to ensure your project or initiative is eligible.

Frequently asked questions

Q: We are not located in the Centerm neighborhoods, are we still allowed to apply?

A: If the initiative you are submitting for funding serves the listed neighbourhoods adjacent to Centerm, then you may still apply.

Q: Do you accept more than one application from the same organization?

A: You may apply for more than one project, however due to the high number of applications we receive, it is unlikely that both applications would be funded.

Q: I didn’t see any application guidelines or eligibility requirements, where do I find out if my organization is eligible?

A: All eligibility guidelines are outlined under the “What kind of projects can receive funding?” section above.

Q: How can I find out the status of my application?

A: The schedule of the application and review process is outlined under the “When can I apply” section. You will receive notification of the committee’s decision within one week of the review meeting.

Q: Can I submit written proposals/letters of support/ etc? And how do I submit them?

A: All supporting documents, budgets, letters of support, etc can be attached to your application through the Benevity application platform.

Q: I’m not applying for money, but an in-kind contribution. Is that allowed?

A: The Centerm Community Fund can only support initiatives through monetary contributions. In-kind applications are ineligible.

Q: Are organizations allowed to apply for multi-year requests?

A: Due to the high volume of applications we receive and the limited term of the Fund, we are unable to accommodate multi-year requests. Successful applicants are welcome to submit an application in future intake periods, however repeat funding is not guaranteed.

Q: Is there a maximum funding amount that organizations can request?

A: While there is no official per application maximum, please bear in mind that we receive a high number or proposals and it is a priority to provide funding for initiatives from every eligible neighbourhood. Typically most approved applications are between $1,000 and $20,000.

Q: Which organizations have received funding through the first and second rounds of funding for the Centerm Community Fund?

A: A total of 29 organizations received funding through the first and second rounds of funding. See table below.

First round of funding

​Organization ​Neighbourhood ​Project/Event Impact
​Community First Foundation ​Grandview-Woodland ​Backpack Buddies Closes the hunger gap for vulnerable children facing poverty
​Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House ​Downtown Eastside ​​Fathers Wellness and Medicine Garden Project Helps fathers (predominantly Indigenous men) facing health issues, homelessness, addictions and poverty to support one another and reconnect with their families
​Family Services of Greater Vancouver ​Grandview-Woodland ​​Common Cents Financial Literacy and Savings Guide Offers financial coaching and literacy programs to single mothers, Indigenous women, and newcomers to Canada
​Kiwassa Neighbourhood House ​Hastings-Sunrise ​Growing Connections Improves food security through a community food market and nutrition workshops for children, youth, seniors, and newcomers to Canada
​Mission Possible ​Downtown Eastside ​Employment Readiness Program Helps recovering individuals, many with disabilities, through social enterprises
​NEC Native Education College Downtown Eastside ​Renewing Connections in an Urban Setting Provides a supportive learning environment for Indigenous learners
​PHS Community Services Society ​Downtown Eastside ​From Cedar Tree to Salish Sea Helps Indigenous community members isolated from their traditional lands and people to reconnect with traditional knowledge and teachings
​Strathcona Business Improvement Association ​Strathcona ​​Urban Tree Expansion and Outdoor Space Activation Creates a welcoming outdoor space at the Powell Street Getaway, a resource centre that helps people with chronic illness, addictions, and/or mental health issues
​Strathcona Community Policing Centre ​Strathcona ​Community Cleanups Provides support for neighbourhood cleanup initiatives that help reduce crime and improve safety and community connection
​Union Gospel Mission ​Downtown Eastside ​​Sanctuary Program Helps new mothers recovering from addiction
​WISH Drop-In Centre Society ​Downtown Eastside ​​WISH Drop-In Centre Improves the health, safety and well-being of self-identified women in Vancouver’s street-based sex trade
​Working Gear Clothing Society ​Downtown Eastside ​Working Gear Community Shop Provides clothing to individuals in search of employment
​Writers’ Exchange Society ​Grandview-Woodland ​Xpey’ After-School Program Offers literacy programs to at-risk, inner-city kids at Vancouver’s only Indigenous-focus school to help them realize and reach their own potential
​Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice ​Downtown Eastside ​Inter-generational Outreach Project Helps low-income Chinese seniors to overcome language and cultural barriers to meet their housing, health and income needs
​YMCA of Greater Vancouver ​Downtown Eastside ​Health Family Network Provides safe, nurturing spaces for vulnerable, preschool-aged children and their families
​YWCA Metro Vancouver ​Downtown Eastside ​​YWCA Saturday Family Activity Program at Crabtree Corner Provides low-income single mothers and their children with social, recreational and educational activities
Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Association (DEWC)


Downtown Eastside Culture as Healing: Indigenous Cultural Programming


Funding will provide culturally relevant services for Indigenous women, providing culturally safe space for urban Indigenous women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and assisting them in healing from historical, systemic, and day-to-day trauma common in this community.


Strathcona Residents Association




Community-based Air Quality


Funding will help local community members better understand key issues related to air quality and develop approaches through citizen science for directly being involved in measuring air quality in the Strathcona community area.


Second round of funding

Organization Neighbourhood Project/Event Impact
Vancouver Second Mile Society Downtown Eastside Downtown Eastside Seniors Centre (Seniors Drop-In Day Program) Offers low-income seniors a place to hang out, get low-cost meals, obtain information on health, housing and benefits, obtain referrals for other assistance, and participate in social and recreational activities
Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen Society Downtown Eastside DTES Dedicated location meal services Provides warm meal to go anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week
BC Sustainable Energy Association Hastings-Sunrise Cool It! In Port Vancouver Deliver 10 Climate Challenges and 10 workshops in the Port of Vancouver area across all Centerm target regions
Learning Disabilities Society of Greater Vancouver Hastings-Sunrise Centerm East Vancouver Bursary Fund Provide bursaries for 20 high-risk, learning disabled children from public schools
Some Assembly Arts Society Hastings-Sunrise Ripple Effect of Self Talk Engage, train and employ diverse at-risk youth to work alongside professional artists and returning Indigenous youth mentors to create and present a theatre production to community members free of charge
Needs Of the Community (NOC) Society Strathcona What the L! workshop Offer direct support to 60 individuals by improving their road safety education and helping them obtain Class 7 L license for the purpose of greater employment opportunities
Starlight Children’s Foundation Downtown Eastside Play From Home Packs Provide distraction therapy in the form of kits “play packs” to immuno-compromised children
EYA Environmental Youth Alliance Strathcona Plants for Birds: Youth-led habitat restoration in Strathcona Engage 150 diverse youth ages 14-18 to restore native bird habitat and enhance urban through 12 free, eight-session (35-hour) hands-on environmental education programs in Strathcona Community Gardens
Kinbrace Community Society Grandview-Woodland Welcoming Refugee Claimants into Community Strengthen Community program to better help refugee claimants integrate into community. Includes providing weekly community meals designed to welcome newest residents
Paws for Hope Animal Foundation Downtown Eastside Downtown Eastside Emergency Aid Help vulnerable people with pets and support them through access to shelters, housing, and medical care, and not forgoing their own needs in order to feed their pet
Urban Native Youth Association Grandview-Woodland Native Youth Learning Centre (NYLC) Provides youth ages 15-30 access to 40 workshops and activities throughout the year, including traditional and cultural activities, job readiness training, certifications to increase their opportunities for employment, and support in maintaining their sobriety and wellness

Q: Does an organization need to align with all two pillars?

A: Applications do not need to meet all two of the pillars, they can be specialized to only one and still be eligible for funding.

Q: What is the criteria for the thriving community pillar?

A: Please see the section titled “What kind of projects can receive funding?” above.

Q: What is the criteria for the healthy environment pillar?

A: Please see the section titled “What kind of projects can receive funding?” above.

For questions on the Centerm Community Fund, please contact us at [email protected]