Industry-based advisory panel delivers report on active vessel traffic management system

May 3, 2022

The industry-based advisory panel for the Active Vessel Traffic Management (AVTM) Program, announced in January, has delivered a report to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority outlining recommendations for a new vessel traffic management system to help meet Canada’s growing trade.  

The port authority tasked the panel to provide recommendations based on four key objectives:   

  • To strengthen marine safety by reducing congestion and actively managing marine traffic in the busiest, most confined waters of the Port of Vancouver; 
  • To improve the efficiency and reliability of the flow of goods through this strategic gateway for all supply chain partners;  
  • To reduce environmental impacts including noise impacts in southern resident killer whale habitat, by limiting unnecessary vessel movements; and  
  • To reduce negative social impacts like ambient noise and light pollution by reducing overall anchorage usage in southern B.C. and implementing a code of conduct for vessels at anchorage 

As the federal agency responsible for enabling Canada’s trade through the Port of Vancouver, the port authority is leading the AVTM Program to manage the prioritization and sequencing of commercial ships accessing the port. The program is expected to improve the transparency, efficiency, and reliability of ship traffic for all port users, while also limiting the impact of trade activity on the local communities.  

The port authority is appreciative of the panel for their time, expertise and contributions to the development of the AVTM Program. As a next step, the port authority will continue engagement with stakeholders, including local communities and Indigenous groups; those involved in marine transportation, including terminal operators and cargo owners; supply chain partners; industry associations; and other marine users to discuss and gather feedback and input for the development and implementation of the program. 

For further questions, please contact the port authority at [email protected].